Zehang Richard Li

PhD student
Department of Statistics
University of Washington

Padelford Hall C14-G
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: +1 (206) 902 7951
Email: lizehang (at) uw.edu

Github: @richardli
Google Scholar: Zehang Richard Li


12/2017 Joint WHO and D4H meeting, Accra
01/2017 VA workshop, Columbus
08/2016 JSM, Chicago
03/2016 WHO VA Working Group meeting, Geneva

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I am currently a fifth year PhD student in the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington, working under the supervision of Dr. Tyler McCormick. I was a research intern at Microsoft Research during summer 2016.

I am broadly interested in Bayesian methods for large and noisy data from demography and other social science domains. My current research focuses mainly on characterizing dependence structures using Bayesian graphical models while accounting for different types of informative prior information.

Much of my work focuses on developing statistical methods and computational tools to improve understandings of the basic health indicators in the developing world.

Latest updates: see CV

Selected Projects
Probabilistic cause-of-death assignment using verbal autopsy. Joint work with Tyler McCormick, Sam Clark, Clara Calvert, and colleagues at HDSS sites.
Child mortality: with small-area analysis of DHS surveys. Draft and codes available soon.
Bayesian Latent Gaussian graphical model for mixed data with marginal prior information. Joint work with Tyler McCormick and Sam Clark. (updated manuscript available upon request)
The openVA tookit for Verbal Autopsies. Related packages: openVA, InSilicoVA, InterVA4, Tariff. Joint work with Tyler McCormick and Sam Clark. [website, slides]