Zehang Richard Li

Postdoc Associate
Department of Biostatistics
Yale University

Email: zehang.li (at) yale.edu
Google Scholar: Zehang Richard Li
Github: @richardli
Twitter: @zrichardli

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More about me

I grew up in Xuzhou, China. After high school, I went to Hong Kong to complete my bachelor's degree in the beautiful mountainous campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I learned a lot of statistics, some finance, and limited Cantonese. I worked with Chun Yip Yau as an undergraduate research assistant in my senior year.

During my grad school days in Seattle, my free time was mostly split between local coffee shops, gyms and outdoor running trails. I spent a summer with the microeconomics group at Microsoft Research as a research intern. During that time, I was a member of the championship team in 2016 season Microsoft summer basketball league (all credit goes to my great teammates!). I am also a Houston Rockets and Seattle Seahawks fan.