Zehang Richard Li

PhD student
Department of Statistics
University of Washington

Padelford Hall C14-G
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: +1 (206) 902 7951
Email: lizehang (at) uw.edu

Github: @richardli
Google Scholar: Zehang Richard Li

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Statistical Methodology

Probabilistic Cause-of-death Assignment using Verbal Autopsies,
Tyler McCormick, Zehang Richard Li, Clara Calvert, Amelia Crampin, Kathleen Kahn, and Samuel Clark. To appear, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2016. [software, poster]

Forecasting Online Auctions via Self-exciting Point Processes,
Ngai Hang Chan, Zehang Richard Li, and Chun Yip Yau. Journal of Forecasting, 33(7):501-514, 2015.

Trends in the burden of hiv mortality after roll-out of antiretroviral therapy in kwazulu-natal, south africa: an observational community cohort study,
Georges Reniers, Sylvia Blom, Clara Calvert, Alexandra Martin-Onraet, Abraham J Herbst, Jef- frey W Eaton, Jacob Bor, Emma Slaymaker, Zehang Richard Li, and Samuel J Clark. The Lancet HIV, 2016

Tuberculosis mortality and the male survival deficit in rural South Africa: an observational community cohort study,
Sylvia Blom , Georges Reniers, Judith Lieber, Kobus Herbst, Clara Calvert, Jacob Bor, Till Barnighausen, Basia Zaba, Zehang Richard Li, Samuel Clark, Alison Grant, Richard Lessells, Jeffrey Eaton, and Victoria Hosegood. Submitted to PLOS ONE, 2016

Working Papers

InterVA4: An R Package to Analyze Verbal Autopsy Data,
Zehang Richard Li, Tyler McCormick, and Samuel Clark.
CSSS Working Paper, No.146, 2014. [software]

InSilicoVA: A Method to Automate Cause of Death Assignment for Verbal Autopsy,
Samuel Clark, Tyler McCormick, Zehang Richard Li, and Jon Wakefield. CSSS Working Paper, No.133, 2013.