Zehang Richard Li

Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics
University of California Santa Cruz

Email: lizehang (at) ucsc.edu
Google Scholar: Zehang Richard Li
Github: @richardli
Twitter: @z_richard_li

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The two cultures for prevalence mapping: small area estimation and spatial statistics,
Geir-Arne Fuglstad, Zehang Richard Li, and Jon Wakefield.
Working paper, 2021.

The openVA toolkit for verbal autopsies,
Zehang Richard Li, Tyler H McCormick, and Samuel J Clark.
Working paper, 2021. [software]

Space-time smoothing of demographic and health indicators using the R package SUMMER,
Zehang Richard Li, Bryan D Martin, Tracy Qi Dong, Geir-Arne Fuglstad, Jessica Godwin, John Paige, Andrea Riebler, Samuel Clark, and Jon Wakefield.
Working paper, 2020. [software]

Verbal autopsy in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics: the symptom-cause information archive,
Samuel J. Clark, Martin W. Bratschi, Philip Setel, Carla Abouzahr, Don de Savigny, Zehang Richard Li, Tyler McCormick, Peter Byass, and Daniel Chandramohan.
Working paper, 2019.

Impact of close interpersonal contact on COVID-19 incidence: evidence from one year of mobile device data,
Forrest W. Crawford, Sydney A. Jones, Matthew Cartter, Samantha G. Dean, Joshua L. Warren, Zehang Richard Li, Jacqueline Barbieri, Jared Campbell, Patrick Kenney, Thomas Valleau, and Olga W. Morozova.
Science Advances, In Press.

One year of modeling and forecasting COVID-19 transmission to support policymakers in Connecticut,
Olga Morozova, Zehang Richard Li, and Forrest W Crawford.
Scientific Reports, 2021. [medRxiv, website]

Estimating causes of death where there is no medical certification: Evolution and state of the art of verbal autopsy,
Daniel Chandramohan, Edward Fottrell, Jordana Leitao, Erin Nichols, Samuel J. Clark, Carine Alsokhn, Daniel Cobos Munoz, Carla AbouZahr, Aurelio Di Pasquale, Robert Mswia, Eungang Choi, Frank Baiden, Jason Thomas, Isaac Lyatuu, Zehang Richard Li, Patrick Larbi-Debrah, Yue 1Chu, Samuel Cheburet, Osman Sankoh, Azza Mohamed Bad, Doris Ma Fat, Philip Setel, Robert Jakob, and Don de Savigny.
Global Health Action, In Press.

Spatial modeling for subnational administrative level 2 small-area estimation,
Yunhan Wu, Zehang Richard Li, Benjamin K. Mayala, Houjie Wang, Peter Gao, Johnny Paige, Geir-Arne Fuglstad, Caitlin Moe, Jessica Godwin, Rose E. Donohue, Trevor N. Croft, and Jon Wakefield.
DHS Spatial Analysis Reports, 2021. [codes]

Estimating seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Ohio: a Bayesian multilevel regression and poststratification approach with multiple imperfect diagnostic tests,
David Kline, Zehang Richard Li, Yue Chu, Jon Wakefield, William C. Miller, Abigail Norris Turner and Samuel Clark.
PNAS, 2021.

Bayesian factor models for probabilistic cause of death assessment with verbal autopsies,
Tsuyoshi Kunihama, Zehang Richard Li, Samuel J Clark, and Tyler H McCormick.
Annals of Applied Statistics, 2020. [arXiv, codes]

Non-confirming replication of "Performance of InSilicoVA for assigning causes of death to verbal autopsies: multisite validation study using clinical diagnostic gold standards",
Zehang Richard Li, Tyler H McCormick, and Samuel J Clark.
BMC Medicine, 2020. [codes]

Suspected heroin-related overdose incidents in Cincinnati, Ohio: A spatiotemporal analysis,
Zehang Richard Li, Evaline Xie, Forrest W Crawford, Joshua L Warren, Kathryn McConnel, Tyler Copple, Tyler Johnson, and Gregg S Gonsalves.
PLoS Medicine, 2019. [codes]

Using Bayesian latent Gaussian graphical models to infer symptom associations in verbal autopsies,
Zehang Richard Li, Tyler H McCormick, and Samuel J Clark.
Bayesian Analysis, 2019. [arXiv, codes]

Bayesian joint spike-and-slab graphical lasso,
Zehang Richard Li, Tyler H McCormick, and Samuel J Clark.
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2019. [arXiv, codes]

An Expectation Conditional Maximization approach for Gaussian graphical models,
Zehang Richard Li, and Tyler H McCormick.
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 2019. [arXiv, codes]

Automated versus physician assignment of cause of death for verbal autopsies: randomized trial of 9374 deaths in 117 villages in India,
Prabhat Jha, Dinesh Kumar, Rajesh Dikshit, Atul Budukh, Rehana Begum, Prabha Sati, Patrycja Kolpak, Richard Wen, Shyamsundar J Raithatha, Utkarsh Shah, Zehang Richard Li, Lukasz Aleksandrowicz, Prakash Shah, Kapila Piyasena, Tyler H McCormick, Hellen Gelband and Samuel J Clark
BMC Medicine, 2019.

Changes in the spatial distribution of the Under Five Mortality Rate: small-area analysis of 122 DHS Surveys in 262 subregions of 35 Countries in Africa,
Zehang Richard Li, Jessica Godwin, Yuan Hsiao, Bryan Martin, Jon Wakefield, and Samuel J Clark.
PLoS One, 2019. [software, codes, slides]

Trends in the burden of HIV mortality after roll-out of antiretroviral therapy in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: an observational community cohort study,
Georges Reniers, Sylvia Blom, Clara Calvert, Alexandra Martin-Onraet, Abraham J Herbst, Jeffrey W Eaton, Jacob Bor, Emma Slaymaker, Zehang Richard Li, and Samuel J Clark.
The Lancet HIV, 2017.

Tuberculosis mortality and the male survival deficit in rural South Africa: an observational community cohort study,
Sylvia Blom , Georges Reniers, Judith Lieber, Kobus Herbst, Clara Calvert, Jacob Bor, Till Barnighausen, Basia Zaba, Zehang Richard Li, Samuel J Clark, Alison Grant, Richard Lessells, Jeffrey Eaton, and Victoria Hosegood.
PLoS One, 2017.

Probabilistic cause-of-death assignment using verbal autopsies,
Tyler H McCormick, Zehang Richard Li, Clara Calvert, Amelia Crampin, Kathleen Kahn, and Samuel J Clark.
Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2016. [arXiv, software, poster]

Forecasting online auctions via self-exciting point processes,
Ngai Hang Chan, Zehang Richard Li, and Chun Yip Yau.
Journal of Forecasting, 2015. [codes]

Technical notes and vignettes

COVID-19 projections for reopening Connecticut,
Forrest W Crawford, Zehang Richard Li, and Olga Morozova.
Working paper, 2020. [website]

InterVA4: an R package to analyze verbal autopsy Data,
Zehang Richard Li, Tyler H McCormick, and Samuel J Clark.
CSSS Working Paper, No.146, 2014. [software]