Zehang Richard Li

Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics
University of California Santa Cruz

Email: lizehang (at) ucsc.edu
Google Scholar: Zehang Richard Li
Github: @richardli
Twitter: @z_richard_li

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Verbal autopsy analysis and pipeline

For an overview of VA software, check out our team's website for more details!

openVA: CRAN, Github, Vignette 
InSilicoVA: CRAN, Github
InterVA5: CRAN, Github
InterVA4: CRAN, Github, Vignette
Tariff: CRAN, Github
CrossVA: CRAN, Github

Small area estimation

SUMMER:    CRAN, Github, Vignette 
Short Vignettes: overview, case study I , case study II

Graphical model estimation

EMGS (EM Graphical model Selection): Github
SSJGL (Spike-and-Slab Joint Graphical Lasso): Github

COVID-19 Projections

Connecticut reopening scenarios: Github, Website

Link to more codes: